Top Christmas Toys 2016 – 10 of the Hottest and Most Popular Ones

So what are the 2016 Top Christmas Toys? Let’s tka ea look below but before that I need to worn you. These toys are hot. And while they might be very popular Christmas toys for 2016 they are also ones your child will love to have.

top-christmas-toys-2016So without fuehrer delays here are the tops

  1. This comes as a not surprise as one of the hot Christmas toys 2016, this is something any child would want but make sure your kid really loves it. I’m taking about pure love for the toy.
  2. How about this penm from top christmas toys 2016? Another winner in my book as this is a toy i would want to have when i was a kid. I kid you now, i think it is perfect for any child or adult.
  3. Wow, this one just screams awesomeness. This chritmas season make sure you pick up a best Christmas toy for 2016.

Rest of the toys ill put up late. So stay tunes but not too late as Santa Clause might miss you. I’m kidd, nut am I?hot-christmas-toys-2016

Now lets focus one the difference between popular, hot and top toys.

The Toys on Top, Hot, and Popular Lists

Top Christmas Toys 2016 – this is the catergory that featuires the top of the cream. It means the toys are a must buy this christmas seasons without being just popular. To quilify the toy has to be hot and popular.

Hot toys 2016 Christmas – here is the list of toys that are hot, they might not be the most popular choices or even that famous, but they are hot.  once the word gets out it will be dynamite.

Popular Christmas toys 2016 – not the hottest toys out there, but popualr enough that your child probably wanrs one anyway.  This is my least favorite category of the three but still a nice valid one.